Visualization Meditation Techniques for Activating Merkaba

Visualization Meditation Guide


visualization meditationA Visualization is a form of meditation which uses the imagination to focus on a particular object or scene, which then brings the mind and body to rest by freeing the mind of all other thoughts and distractions. It is perhaps one of the more fun ways of meditating as the visualization can be anything you wish, you might want to place yourself on a white sandy beach with the surf lapping gently onto the shore or you can place yourself swimming deep under the ocean with dolphins. 


Merkaba and The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life


The Visualization is a powerful form of manifesting anything we want into our lives and it's also very important for Mer-Ka-Ba meditation, to activate the energy field around our body and spin the tetrahedron star the right way. Everything is pretty much dependable on visualization technique as it's described in the book called The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life.


You can also use visualization for everyday objects such as a candle flame, a piece of fruit, a rock, a favourite crystal or a favourite piece of art work. Whatever you choose for your visualization it is only limited by your imagination. It is a great way to relax and ease away the stress and strain of everyday living and the more outlandish your visualization the more fun it is. Here are two ways you can use visualization as meditation: 


The Candle Flame 


meditation with candle light

This could be a lightly scented candle, one that floats on water in a shallow dish or any regular candle. Place the candle on the table, you might wish to play some soft ambient music in the background or choose to practice your meditation quietly, sit on the floor or chair, whichever feels the most comfortable to you.


Begin taking slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, let your body and mind become still as you start to focus on the candle flame. Let all other thoughts, feelings and worries gradually drift away as you watch the flame intently; notice how the flame flickers in the slightest breeze.


Begin to notice the colours in the flame, the yellows, and oranges, the white parts of the flame and how these colours blend into one another. If your mind starts to wander and you lose concentration then gently bring it back to the flame.


Notice all the little movements of the flame the way it dances and the slight drift of smoke from it, if there is wax running down the candle notice how it trickles down and forms in the candle holder. Continue focusing and watching the flame until you are ready to come out of your meditation, let out a sign and focus on how your body feels, does it feel warm, heavy, notice how your muscles feel as you stand and go about your daily routine.


The Secret Cove 


Find a comfortable place to sit or lie, make sure your clothing is comfortable and you won’t be disturbed for 15 minutes or so. Begin taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth letting the stress flow away with every exhalation, as you close your eyes you realise there is a small boat tied up to the dock, picture yourself walking over to the boat and being seated in it.


You are looking out over the clear blue ocean, the sky has a few white fluffy clouds, the sun is shining and warm on your skin. As the boat leaves the dock in the near distance you can see a cove, as the boat moves slowly through the water listen to the sound the ocean makes as it hits the boat. 


You near the cove, it is set back into two huge cliffs, and flowing down one of them you see a sparkling waterfall cascading down. As the boat comes to the shore you see white sand stretching for miles with the surf gently lapping onto it, listen to the sound the water makes slowly lapping onto the beach, notice how it sparkles and the colours of it. 


Feel the warm sun against your skin notice how this feels, as you enter the cove you see the waterfall falls into a large pool of freshwater, there are palm trees overhanging and greenery all around. Notice the smell of the tropical flowers and the greenery, as you glance upward you see small tropical birds flitting around notice how brightly coloured they are, hear the sound they make.


You walk over to the pool of water and sit on a large warm rock feeling the sun beating down against your skin and face, notice how this feels, the warmth of it. Listen to the tinkling sounds the waterfall makes as it splashes down into the pool of water below, gaze at your reflection in the pool as you sit breathing slowly and deeply.


When you are ready to come out of your meditation listen for the boat gently blowing its whistle to tell you it's time to leave, slowly opening your eyes and focusing on how your body feels, the warmth that courses through you, the feelings of peace within you. Hold onto these feelings as you go about your daily life.

If you wish to learn more about how to meditate and about different meditation techniques such as Merkaba meditation, I highly recommend read this book called the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.

SEO Automation Tools and Tips


Well, this question is asked often by new SEO students or freelancers and got few comments asking when I wrote about SEO tools in past. So I think I should answer this question carefully and in the way that anyone would understand.

Do SEO experts Use automated tools?

Yes, many of them use tools or software to get some statistics and do research about keywords and more basic data. But the fact is it is used partially may be from 10-40% of overall SEO results. (Depending on SEO strategy)

Which tools do SEOs use?

There are many tools available for free and paid too, but it really depends on what kind of experience does SEO expert hold. Ranging from expensive tools like SEO Elite, SEO Moz Pro to web-based tools like Compete.com and even free add-ons like SEO Quake. It really depends on what factor you are working on.

Seo Tools - Which tools is a must have?

Frankly speaking, none of them are necessary if you are working on 2-3 projects or learning or a just started off with SEO. Tools are more useful when you perform bulk queries or handle a large number of clients or a large number of pages is your target.

What is the most important factor that makes them expert ?

Very important factor in SEO work is experience, the more you have its better. No tool will do your work in small time; it just improves your overall efforts.

SEO strategy for WordPress blog are different than any e-commerce website and so on, so what you try to work on is a number of clients & experimenting with your efforts. More experience and carrying out researches will help most to get you on top!

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Ultimate SEO Tips

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DoFollow Blog Comments

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Pick a Blog Niche for Your Business

Of the many things important to your blog’s health, there is none more important than your niche. If you’ve started a blog about running, your readership is almost completely based upon that fact. People stay loyal to what they are interested in; their desire to know more, learn more and relate is what brings them back every day. From picking your blog niche to settling into it; keeping a constant is important.

Picking Your Niche

A niche is defined by Dictionary.com as, “a distinct segment of a market.” In an over populated blogosphere, this is incredibly important to standing out. When considering what your niche should be, there are a number of ways to make the decision.

  • Passion: Write what you’re passionate about. This ensures that you’ll want to invest yourself in the life of your blog. Keeping content fresh and current is important; when you love what you’re writing about you’ll be more inclined to keep up with it.
  • Strengths: If you have a vast amount of knowledge in a particular subject, it would be a smart idea to make that your niche. If you hope to become a professional blogger, monetization will be important. When you blog about something you are very knowledgeable on, it presents the opportunity for offering your services or holding webinars you can charge for.
  • Popularity: With everyone and their brother blogging, the rest of the family is flocking to the net to read it. There are topics that are more in demand than others. Self -help, health, design are popular right now. Choosing a popular topic can create more traffic.

Sticking With It

Here is the takeaway: Once you’ve picked your blog niche, don’t stray. Having a specific niche will keep your readers happy and make your life easier as well. Monetization and keyword use are reliant on your niche.

  • Readership: Your readers come to expect something specific from you. If you’ve built your following around running, they will look to your for that. SEOmoves.org  suggests, “Stick to a niche and help your visitors stay focused. Don’t distract them with pages on ten different, unrelated subjects.”
  • If you want to monetize: When looking to monetize your blog, having a specific topic area will be helpful. When you consider marketing, having a specific target audience will make it much more effective.
  • Keywords: To get your blog ranked, and bring in a strong readership, keyword use is essential. When you focus on a specific niche, you will be gearing all your keywords toward that. This builds a strong backbone for the health of your blog.

Integrating Changes

If, for some reason, you do want to change your niche, you should consider multiple things first. Although it is not recommended to change your niche, there are ways to do it that won’t hurt your blog in the state it’s in now.

  • Integrate new topics: If you want to incorporate a niche that is similar to your current subject area, you can do so by slowly integrating new posts. This allows your readers to feel out the subject. Keep readers by continuing to provide excellent content on your original niche, as well.
  • Create new pages: If you want to simply incorporate healthy recipes or top 10 lists, create a new page. This won’t distract your readers if they aren’t interested, but still allows you to include the new content.
  • Start a new blog: If the new topic is completely different from your current, starting a new blog will be the best idea. If you have a strong readership, consider pointing them in the direction of your new blog as well. Introducing a completely new topic can turn off readers who have come to expect something particular from you.

Finding a niche is incredibly important to the sustainability of your blog. A strong niche allows for better monetization, greater reader loyalty, and easy online categorization. Sticking with a topic that gains readership will keep your blog alive and kicking.

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