What is Content Management?

content management system definition
'Content Management' is essentially the process of managing any type or 'unit' of digital information (such as text, images, graphics, video, sound, documents, records etc) in such a way that its electronic storage is deemed to be 'managed' rather than 'un-managed'.
Given that there are many different types of digital content - it follows that there are many different types of content management tools.

Some companies have focused on a niche in a particular segment of Content Management, such as Web Content Management or Document Management, whilst others have grown or merged to the point where they offer multiple tools for managing different content - so called 'Enterprise Content Management' solutions.

A customer who goes to the software market and innocently asks for a Content Management System, would be excused for being totally overwhelmed by the number of different CMS solutions they are presented with and how they all claim to do the same things.

Such is the breadth and depth of solutions on offer, that it is becoming increasingly important for the customer to be able to classify exactly what type of content it is they are looking to manage in what manner and to what 'Enterprise' degree of the organisation they wish to cover it.

This site aims to assist anyone who is looking at purchasing a CMS solution who is seeking clarification on terminology, benefits and looking for other resources to assist with their understanding.

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