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ContentManager.eu.com has been created to allow a companies or individuals who are interested in an area of content management to ascertain which CMS suppliers could meet their requirements.

Most of the material and content is educational in nature and designed to 'cut through' vendor waffle to get to true definitions that will aid with decision making and CMS selection processes.

It uses information from respected industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester to support current input into the industry as well as provide historical data on the evolution of the CMS space.

The content of this site is maintained by myself (Steve Williams) and is based on 13 years experience in the UK CMS industry - having worked for Obtree, Open Text Web Solutions Group (pka RedDot), Ektron and currently Kentico.

Whilst I work for a CMS vendor, you will hopefully notice that the content of this website is deliberately agnostic in nature.

If you wish to contact me you can either call me at Kentico +44 (0)7786 979494 - or email me via the form on the contact us page

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